Why do you need Kent automatic Water softener?

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With increasing use of ground-well Water and the Water level is decreasing each day, the concentration of dissolved Magnesium and Calcium in Water is going up rapidly. As a result, the Water is getting hard. And use of hard Water leads to following problems:

  • Reduced lather, leading to higher soap consumption.
  • Stiff, rough and dirty clothes after washing.
  • Sticky hair after washing and hair loss as well.
  • Chalky white spots on utensils and cutlery.
  • Dry and itchy skin after bathing.
  • Scaling and corrosion on expensive bathroom fittings.

The KENT Difference Automatic Regeneration Technology
Normal Water softeners commonly available in the market use manual regeneration process. The manual regeneration process involves calling a qualified technician for filling salt which is a cumbersome process. KENT Automatic Water softener eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming manual regeneration process with its advance micro controlled regeneration process, which automatically regenerates itself after current regeneration time or usage is achieved. The KENT Auto Softeners technology is based on the most prominent valve technology currently available.

KENT Automatic Water Softner features
KENT offers you the best Water softening technology. Its advantages over other Water softeners include:

  • Conversion of hard Water into soft Water by exchange of hard salts of Calcium and Magnesium with Sodium using sodium salt.
  • LCD panel to easily set the regeneration time as per your convenience.
  • Space saving design - tank housing with brine tank.
  • Maintenance-free, long life valve.
  • Assured 24x7 soft Water supply.
  • Prompt after sale service with a wide service network pan India.

Recommended Installation Point
  • It is recommended to install the Water softener close to the main overhead Water tank.
  • Can also be installed in the bore well pump outlet line on the ground floor.
  • It is better to install an Automatic Pressure Boosting System in line before the softener, to ensure proper Water pressure.


Product Kent Automatic Water Softener
Model No. 11039
Dimension (mm) L 330 x W 570 x H 1120
Volume 25 L Resin
Weight 40 kg
Flow rate 3000 L/hr
Colour Light Grey

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